Our Story

Our connection to Ethiopia began through adoptions in 2007 and 2011. Since then, our journey has continued with multiple trips back to visit birth family and establish contacts to facilitate ongoing relationships. During our 2014 visit, we were introduced to an organization called Let Us Change in Hawassa, Ethiopia which has since locally attained NGO in-country status as "Beteseb" (the Amharic word for "Family"). Beteseb is responsible for the care of 92 children in three homes. In addition to the children's homes, the organization is also committed to helping homeless adults and poor families in the surrounding region by providing jobs with the facilities' daily functions, the small weaving house, or the bakery. This creates revenue for the organization and promotes sustainability.
Empower Ethiopia (US) partners  with Let Us Change (Belgium) and Beteseb (Ethiopia) to ensure that the children in their care continue to grow and flourish, knowing that they are loved and valued, and that they too can contribute to their community and society at large. This is accomplished through adequate nutrition, schooling, health care, and a nurturing environment.
To learn more about the partnership visit: https://www.letuschange.be/